Attention Women Runners Over 40: Are You Ready to Race Your Personal Best While Reducing Your Injury Risk?

Finally! A Coaching Program Specifically for Women Age 40+

  • Completely Personalized for Your Unique Needs

  • Proven

  • Easy-To-Follow

  • Designed by an Expert Women’s Running Coach

So You Can Excel, Reach Your Tough Running Goals and Race Your Personal Best While Greatly Reducing Your Injury Risk


Don’t accept slower race times and unfulfilled potential as facts of life! Achieve your goals for running and racing, regardless of age!

From the desk of Bennett Cohen
August 1, 2017

Dear Woman Runner Over 40,

You run because you love it. You love it for how it makes you feel. The effort and the rejuvenation. The mental drive and the dedication. Running provides you with an ongoing series of challenges, a way to continuously improve, a venue for seeing just how good you can be.
And when you reach each goal, you discover you can be better than you ever imagined. You can truly excel. (And the respect you get from family, friends and peers doesn’t hurt, either!)


Do any of these seem familiar?

  • You’re tired of making just small improvements in your running (or worse, stuck in a rut). Deep down, you know if you continue to train as you always have, you’ll never break through and reach the goal you truly desire.
  • You WANT to prove to yourself that you can run your best but you aren’t sure if it’s possible – (after all, you’re in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or 70’s – when everyone accepts slowing down as unavoidable!)
  • You’re sick and tired of the frustration of having your running and racing plans derailed by injury.
  • You’ve trained hard and are in great physical shape, but during a tough workout or race, doubt creeps in and sabotages all your hard work
  • Now that your kids are grown, you finally have time for yourself. You’re ready to put in the time and dedication, to kick your running into high gear. But you’re worried that your age will limit just how good you can be.
  • You’re not getting any younger, and you don’t want any regrets; if there was ever a time to expand your boundaries and reach your fullest potential, this is it!


Whether your goal is to run your personal best in a half-marathon, complete a marathon, qualify for Boston, complete a challenge series of races or to simply get faster and fitter, regardless of the number of candles on your birthday cake each year – without getting injured along the way – you’re in the right place.


Personalized Coaching for women runners over 40Wins Age Group Beating Previous Marathon PB by 20 Minutes (50-54 age group)

I can’t believe it- over 20 minutes faster than my previous PB! Not bad for an old lady. And thank you so much for all your help. I would never have done it without your coaching.

Thanks a million for being such a great coach.

Dr. Jill Wilke
Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
3:14:23, 2017 Gold Coast Airport Marathon

 Personalized Coaching for women runners over 40Cuts 11 Minutes Off Stable Half-Marathon Time; Mentally Stronger (60-64 age group)

At 62, I decided to challenge myself and see if someone who had never done speed work (and never really wanted to!) could get faster. Bennett devised a personalized program taking into account my work schedule and upcoming events. I won’t say it was easy and there were times I questioned my sanity for even starting this training. In eight weeks, I was able to cut 11 minutes off my fairly stable half marathon time and I feel mentally stronger as well for having done the training.

Dr. Joan Abele
Cottonwood Heights, Utah
2:17:43, 2015 Salt Lake City Half-Marathon

Knocks 25 Minutes off Her Marathon Time and Qualifies for Boston (45-49 age group)

Your Personalized Training Plan contributed to me lowering my personal best marathon time by 25:14, qualifying me for Boston. Thank you.

Danielle Fillier
St. John’s, Newfoundland
3:54:33, 2012 Chicago Marathon

Testimonials_KimMcClureRuns with Confidence, Lowers Half-Marathon Time by 10 Minutes (50-54 age group)

I was surprised and impressed with your ability to pinpoint my limits/thresholds in my training plan. The workouts were challenging yet achievable. I felt extremely confident going into the race. After less than 3 months of becoming an IAWR coaching client, I lowered my personal best half-marathon time by over ten minutes to 1:49:18 in Hamilton (November 6th, 2011).

Kim McClure
Toronto, ON
1:49:18, 2011 Hamilton Road2Hope Half Marathon

It’s not your fault if you’ve trained for years and haven’t seen the results you desire.

You likely have followed an online training plan or one you found in a magazine. Maybe you participated in a running store clinic. But these programs are cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all.
They were not created with you in mind. They don’t care if you’re 25, 35, 45, 55, 65 or 75 years old. Everyone follows the identical program. Everyone runs the same workouts. Everyone runs the same number of miles (or kilometers). Everyone runs the same number of days per week. Everyone takes the same number of rest days…………………………regardless of age.
Isn’t that ridiculous?

We all know a 45, 55 or 65 year old runner cannot train as frequently as a 25 year old.

Scientific fact: As we age, muscle fibers decrease in number and shrink in size. New muscle fibers are generated at a slower rate than in a younger person. This results in a slower buildup and strengthening of muscle in response to the demands of training.

Regrettably, women over 40 face a double whammy when it comes to recovery from training.

Scientific fact: Women require more recovery time from training than men. Testosterone promotes protein synthesis which is critical in repairing muscle fibers that get damaged during training.

Therefore, most women require:

  • more recovery time from tough workouts than men
  • more rest and recovery time built into their training programs than men

AND women over 40 require more recovery time than their younger counterparts!

Not enough recovery from training prevents your body from repairing itself. Staleness, fatigue, overtraining and injury result. A study published in the September/October 2011 “Current Sports Medicine Reports” by the American College of Sports Medicine, confirmed that runners age 40+ are more prone to Achilles, hamstrings and calf injuries than younger runners.

Following a one-size-fits-all training program that takes neither age nor gender into account is a leading cause of injury among women runners 40 years and older.


Next, consider ………

Two runners have the identical goal of running a 2:00 half-marathon. One runner has a speed bias and must improve her endurance in order to achieve her goal. The second is a marathoner who must improve her speed to run a 2:00 half. Although they have the same goal, their training plans should be markedly different.

Each of these women would be poorly served by following a cookie cutter program.

An off the rack article of clothing will be an “all right” fit for many women. But it will never come close to fitting you as perfectly as a made to measure outfit. Just as you undoubtedly look your best in clothing that is tailored precisely for you — you undoubtedly run your best following a program that is tailored precisely for you.

Without a training plan tailored to your unique running profile, you can easily fall victim to injury … as 63% of women runners do every year!
iStock_000015727699XSmallLet’s face it: none of us have the luxury of being able to devote as much time as we’d like to training. Juggling work, family responsibilities and social commitments makes it challenging to find enough time to prepare adequately for a big race.

So how do you ensure you’re making the most of your precious training time, without overdoing it and getting injured?

Elite athletes know they can’t reach their true potential without coaching. You may not be an elite runner, but why shouldn’t you benefit from coaching, so you can run your best?

In addition to designing your personalized training plan, a great coach ALSO:

  • Helps you stay focused on your goals
  • Monitors your progress
  • Provides expert advice and objective feedback to facilitate your improvement
  • Gives you the support and encouragement you need to overcome the inevitable mental hurdles every runner encounters during training and racing
  • Modifies your program as required to help you stick with your personal program and avoid overtraining and injury
  • Provides the correct training stimulus and a supportive environment to bring out your best so you can excel.

I believe every runner should experience the benefits of great, truly personalized coaching – especially the confidence-building support that makes such a huge difference in running success and impacts all other areas of your life – and I want to help you achieve your biggest running dreams.

Before I get into the details, let me tell you more about myself and why I’m qualified to help you.

She’s Running Faster Half-Marathons at 56 Than She Ran 13 Years Ago

The thrill of running has returned! Under your guidance I have improved my times considerably. In August I ran a 1:58:53 half marathon in Perth, Western Australia. The last time I had run a 2 hour half was in 1999!!

I backed this up six weeks later with 2:00:30 half on Christmas Island in hot humid conditions on a very challenging course. I never imagined that this would be possible. I am excited to see where the next chapter of training with you can take me. Thank you.

Katrina Bird
Christmas Island, Australia
1:58:53, 2012 Perth Half Marathon
2:00:30, 2012 Christmas Island Half Marathon

Testimonials_MarianneBlackLowers Marathon Time by 22 Minutes, Qualifying for Boston in Her 50’s

The program that you designed for me contributed to me shaving 22 minutes off my marathon time at the Ottawa Marathon, qualifying me for Boston. I thought I’d be too old to improve that much. All your encouragement has made a difference to me as I am sure for many others.

Marianne Black
Ottawa, Ontario
3:51:31 2010 Ottawa Marathon

Testimonials_DiannLeeSkeptical of Internet Coaching, She Overcomes Obstacles to Run Personal Best (50-54 age group)

I never imagined the impact working with Coach Bennett would have. Honestly, a part of me wondered if the concept of internet coaching could actually benefit me on the trails and byways of Minnesota.

Coach Bennett has taught me how to run at speeds I never even knew I had the potential to achieve. He has listening skills and fine tunes your program based on how you are responding to training. He helped me work around obstacles and brainstormed solutions to meet goals. Coach Bennett only coaches women and he has a professional understanding of how to train a female runner. It’s different than the training programs out there and it makes a difference. He helped me run my personal best marathon this past June.

Thanks, Coach Bennett.

Diann Lee
Woodbury, Minnesota
4:01:40, 2014 Grandma’s Marathon

More Rest and Recovery Yields Age Group Winner in Half-Marathon (40+ age group)

Thank you for your coaching. I have taken your advice of resting a lot more after my long runs. Your advice has been a contributing factor in my consistent good performances in 2010, including finishing first in my age group and third overall in the More Fitness Half-Marathon in New York.

Victoria Fiddick
Sandys, Bermuda
Age group winner, More Fitness Half-Marathon, New York, 2010 Half-Marathon
Age group winner, Toronto International Marathon, 2008 5K
Age group winner, Toronto International Marathon, 2009

Revives Enthusiasm for Training and Racing Competitively (55-59 age group)

Thank you for helping to restore my enthusiasm for training and racing. Prior to working with you, I was following a training plan that took neither my age nor gender into account. I felt that I was not recovering from sessions and had become very stale. Running was no longer fun but a chore that I felt had to be done and as a result I was seriously considering stopping both training and racing.

You revised my training plan to include more rest days, a greater variety of workouts and strengthening exercises. This new training, along with your ongoing support and encouragement, has led to a complete turn-around in my attitude. I now look forward to both training sessions and racing and being competitive in my age group again

Sarah Fowler
Newbury, Berkshire, UK
1:46:01, 2015 Oxford Half-Marathon

I’m Bennett Cohen, President of the International Association of Women Runners and Running Coach to Women Over 40. I’ve been an avid runner for 39 years and a coach for 16 years.

bennettcohen-2I keep well informed on current research related to running and exercise physiology, and know how to easily apply it to enhance training and racing. Although I originally took up running for the challenge and the chance to excel, I soon realized that it offered me much more.

Not only does it help me maintain balance and sanity (it’s my personal oasis), but it also gives me a sense of purpose and the opportunity for personal fulfilment. While it provides me with much-needed time for myself, it is also a great way to share a passion with a community of like-minded people.

But I’ve been through my share of running hard times, too. For a period of four years, I could not run more than 16K (10 miles) any one week, due to a succession of injuries – the worst being a persistent severe case of IT Band Syndrome. Many of those weeks, I could not run at all.

I rested, stretched, tried orthotics, was examined by doctors and treated by physiotherapists. Nothing seemed to help. I felt frustrated and angry. I started questioning my own sense of identity and self-worth. In the quest to heal myself, I devoured everything I could get my hands on that dealt with research in the fields of running and exercise physiology.

Based on this research and my experience as a runner and a coach, I concluded that the two major causes of injury among runners age 40 and older are:

  • Following a training program that does not take age into account, thereby not allowing adequate recovery time from training.
  • Lack of running-specific strength in the foot and leg muscles.

I addressed these issues in my own training, and applied the principles I’d studied to a new plan. In just 3 weeks, I was able to resume full training. Fast forward to the present. Except for rolling my left ankle twice (a reminder of a childhood injury that never healed properly), I have been running injury-free for more than eight years … and it feels great!

How did a man become a women’s running coach?

I started coaching in 2001. More and more women started running last decade. This caused a greater demand for time-efficient training programs, to make it easier for women to balance running with their work and family responsibilities. However, traditional training programs consisted of 5-6 weekly runs. Women found it very difficult to fit these programs into their extremely busy lives.

In contrast, my training programs called for just three weekly runs. Soon, my coaching practice migrated primarily to women runners. The women I coached were enjoying success in their running and racing.


Kathrine and Bennett
at the 2013 Niagara Falls
Women’s Half Marathon

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon and the most influential woman runner to date.

Referring to women’s running, she said: “Running is a chance for you to become a hero in your own life.”

My experience mirrors Kathrine’s words. Women (far more so than men) are positively transformed by reaching their running goals.

Their increased confidence, sense of accomplishment and success in running spill over into the other areas of their lives.

They become an inspiration to their family, friends and peers. They lead more fulfilling lives.

As a coach, it is so rewarding to participate in this positive transformation.

I’ve coached hundreds of women runners just like you, (and helped thousands) – with a range of ability and experience – to achieve their racing goals and get more out of their running experiences. (You’re in good company. The last time we checked, 15 of the top 16 American women distance runners had a male coach)!



Does our Personalized Coaching Program work?

Only 4% of  coaching clients have missed their goal race due to injury sustained while following our program

(an extraordinary track record, considering that
every year 63% of women runners suffer injury)

– and practically all clients have dramatically improved their times.

IngridWilson-2At last, Free of Injury and Racing Her Best Half-Marathons (45-49 age group)

For several years, I had been continually plagued by running injuries that severely impeded my training and racing. Thanks to your Personalized Coaching Program, I trained and raced injury-free in 2011 for the first time. Running injury-free was instrumental in my breaking 2:10 for the half-marathon for the first time. I did it twice in six weeks!

Ingrid Wilson
Mississauga, ON
2:08:53, 2011 Scotiabank Waterfront Toronto Half-Marathon
2:09:45, 2011 Hamilton Road2Hope Half-Marathon

Testimonials_SylviaCashmoreFrom Overtrained and Sick to First Place in Her Age Group (60+ age group)

I came down with a severe cold as a result of overtraining and contacted you for guidance. You guided me through my recovery, reduced running frequency with scheduled rest/recovery and coached me to a PB in the Peterborough Half Marathon (1:50:43, 1st place, women 60+) and the successful completion of my first Boston Marathon despite the heat and stomach problems.

Sylvia Cashmore
Peterborough, Ontario
1:50:43, 2012 Peterborough Half Marathon

Testimonials_MichelleDixonAverts IT Band Injury and Runs Personal Best (45-49 age group)

Thanks to your coaching and strengthening exercises, I was able to head off a potential ITB injury and achieve a new personal record on a very hilly ZOOMA Cape Cod Half Marathon course.

Michelle Dixon
Canton, Massachusetts
2:29:19, 2012 ZOOMA Cape Cod Half Marathon

Personalized Coaching for women runners over 40Despite Niggling Knees and Scepticism of Virtual Coaching, Trains Pain-Free; Completes First Marathon Beating Goal Time (55-59 age group)

At 57 yrs of age and with niggling knees, I decided to run my first marathon in 2016. Following my Personalized Program, I trained pain-free despite increasing the time and distance I was running. Finally and most importantly – I achieved my goal: “running all the way in my marathon” and beat my goal time too.

Despite the 15000 km separating us, Bennett definitely provided the program, professional advice and support to prepare me mentally and physically for the demands of my first marathon. I recommend his approach to other mature women runners.

Tina Wallace
Innes Park, Queensland, Australia
4:12:11, 2016 Sunshine Coast Marathon

Overcomes Series of Injuries and Runs Personal Best (40-44 age group)

I am so grateful to you, Bennett, for the personalized coaching program. I have been running for years and sustained many injuries (mostly due to overtraining and insufficient strength training). I was able to reach my goal and a personal best in a half marathon. The program allowed me to better my time but also remain injury free. I was impressed with your expertise and always-there-for-me support.

Dr. Dana Blakolmer
Oshawa, Ontario
1:43:50, 2013 WIN Half Marathon

I want you to experience that, too: that sense of accomplishment resulting from running faster, achieving new, more challenging goals, AND remaining injury-free.


Introducing The International Association of Women
Runners’ Personalized Coaching Programs

… designed to give you exactly what you need – physically and mentally – to triumph in your next big race, and every race after that.
Of course, it doesn’t stop at the finish line. These powerful principles transcend running and supercharge your results in every other area of your life, too.


And here’s how it works:

We use my unique 7-step ACCESSS system for coaching.

Step 1: Acquaint –we gain a thorough understanding of your goals, motivation, strengths, weaknesses and current fitness level.

Step 2: Customize –we design your Personalized Training Plan, taking into account age, predisposition to injury, and the areas where you need improvement, so you can reach your running breakthrough, as soon as possible. You receive the first phase of your plan within one week after I receive your interview form and fitness testing results, and a new schedule before the first phase ends.MP9004117561 150x150 Personalized Coaching

Step 3: Coach –you receive ongoing expert, timely coaching and guidance by phone and email to facilitate your improvement. For example, if you start feeling a twinge (yes, even just a twinge!), you let us know, and we advise you on exactly what to do to prevent full-blown injury, so you can stay on track as you head toward your goal.

Step 4: Execute –follow your flexible Personalized Training Plan – stick to it and attain your goals! I realize that you do not earn your livelihood from running – I understand this is a passion for you. Your training must fit into your life, not vice versa. Your schedule contains built-in flexibility to allow for changes in life circumstances that impact your training. We make it easy for you to implement your Personalized Training Plan so you reach your race objectives.

Step 5: Support – you receive ongoing encouragement and support to ditch the doubt and negative self-talk, using proven strategies that work every time.

Step 6: Strategize – together, we develop the optimal racing and pacing strategy to help you shine on race day.

Step 7: Succeed – Every step will be worth it!


Here’s what The International Association of Women Runners’ Personalized Coaching Programs cover:

  • Your strengths and areas for improvement: we help you hone your strengths and develop the rest of your skills so you reach your potential as a runner fast – faster than you thought possible.
  • Rest and recovery: inadequate amounts lead to overtraining, fatigue and injury, so we build enough rest and recovery into your plans to ensure you’re in top shape and ready to race to your true potential.
  • Running-specific exercises to strengthen your biomechanical “weak links,” which improves your running and reduces your risk of injury (not to mention avoiding the frustration, anger and feelings of loss that often accompany injury).
  • Specific strategies and exercises to banish doubt and negative self-talk. You toe the starting line brimming with self-confidence, feeling physically and mentally prepared to shine on race day.

Working with an experienced women’s running coach who:

  • Provides expert advice

  • Sees your potential (even if you don’t)

  • Believes in you (even when you don’t believe in yourself) and

  • Creates a supportive environment

Provides you with increased confidence, expanded boundaries, and superior results.


Testimonial_DaphneLovegroveRunning Personal Bests in Her 60’s. Shaves 33 minutes off Her Marathon Time and Qualifies for Boston. Runs Her First 2:00 Half-Marathon at Age 65

I didn’t think someone my age (turning 65 in Dec 2010) could quickly improve like this. The Customized Training Program that you prepared for me along with your guidance and support helped me knock 33 minutes off my marathon time. I achieved my dream of qualifying for Boston ……….with over 10 minutes to spare! Thanks for your wisdom and BELIEVING in me. Keep up the good work.

In June 2011, I focused on improving my half-marathon times. I signed up again for a Personalized Coaching Program. Once again my faith in your coaching was rewarded. In September, I ran a personal best at the Army Half in Ottawa (2:02:04, 4th in my age group).

Could I run a 2 hour half marathon 6 weeks later? With your further guidance and training, I ran 1:59:48 in Hamilton on Nov 6th (2nd in age group, 7 sec behind 1st), a few weeks shy of my 66th birthday! Bennett, I owe you a big “Thank You”. Your coaching and support helped me prove that it’s never too late to realize a dream or desire.

Daphne Lovegrove
North Bay, Ontario

4:35:39, 2010 Hamilton Road2 Hope Marathon
2:02:04, 2011 Ottawa Army Half Marathon
1:59:48, 2011 Hamilton Road2Hope Half Marathon

Testimonials_SusanYoungCuts 9 Minutes Off Her 10K Time (55-59 age group)

Thank you for your coaching and support, which were instrumental in me lowering my 10K by nine minutes in less than four months time. You listened to ME and were very aware of my personal goals. When I struggled with the speed training, you explained the reason for my difficulty and suggested some adaptations that I could try. It seems to have worked!

Lastly, it’s great to have someone cheering me on from the electronic sidelines, wishing me well before races, and congratulating me afterwards.

Susan Young
Stratford, ON
57:42. 2011 Pinery Provincial Park 10k

Personalized Coaching for women runners over 40Shaves 20 Minutes Off Her Marathon Time (50-54 age group)

He really does get it for women over 40. I was training with a plan structured to me, running at paces that I never thought possible. I found the physical training excellent, in touch by calls and emails, but the mental training invaluable. Going into the race I had a plan set out, both physically and mentally, which kept me on track the whole race. I was ecstatic when I crossed the finish line and looked at my time.

Without the training and guidance from Coach Bennett, I would not have been able to achieve this fantastic result. I look forward to working with him again.

Joanne Bradshaw
Caringbah, NSW, Australia
4:37:43, 2016 Auckland Marathon

Improves Marathon Time by 20 Minutes; Qualifies for Boston (40-44 age group)

I qualified for Boston by improving my marathon time by 20 minutes in 18 months. I based my training on your program and wouldn’t have been able to qualify without your advice. I took your tips to heart and I appreciate your support. Thanks.

Dr. Anna Emili
Ancaster, Ontario
3:44:18, 2013 Mississauga Marathon

InjuredWomanRunningSMOnly 4% of coaching clients have missed their goal race due to injury sustained while following our program

(remarkable, considering that every year,
63% of women runners get injured!!)

and practically all coaching clients have decreased their times dramatically as a result of following their Personalized Coaching Program.

When you master the mental game of running, you’ve mastered the mental game of life – you find that you can do anything you set your mind to. Your increased confidence, sense of accomplishment and success in running has a positive ripple effect into other areas of your life. You become an inspiration to family, friends and peers. You transform your life.

Forget mediocre results – maximize your chances of attaining personal excellence ………… as quickly as possible.

You’re worth it.


The Hero in Your Own Life

“Running is a chance for you to become the hero in your own life.”

Kathrine Switzer
First woman to enter and run the Boston Marathon
Most influential woman runner to date


Testimonial_AnnElfordTurns Back the Hands of Time. Reverses the Trend of Slower Races. Runs Her Second Fastest Marathon. Places 3rd in Her Age Group … Twice (45-49 age group)

Thank you so much for introducing me to this “new” coaching for running a marathon. My journey was challenging and good. It is different not talking to a coach in person, but feel that you do a great job at being understanding and professional by phone and email. Your advice and ongoing support contributed to running the third fastest time in my age group (45-59) at the Niagara Falls International Marathon.

I’m so happy with my race results. I’ve reversed the trend of slower marathon finishing times. An improvement like this is great; knocking 13:34 off my marathon times in 18 months! This is my second fastest marathon ever, placing third in my age group. I honestly did not know if I would get back to this speed and it feels good being 46 and able to!

Thanks for everything and your support!

Ann Elford
Owen Sound, Ontario
3:35:03, 2012 Niagara Falls International Marathon
3:27:21, 2013 Mississauga Marathon


Regains Enthusiasm for Running. Knocks 24 Minutes Off Half-Marathon Time (55-59 age group)

Thank you again for guiding me through the past 6 months. It is highly improbable that I would have had the success I did at both Scotiabank (a 23:51 improvement) and Philadelphia without your help. More importantly, I feel enthusiastic about running again. I had lost the enjoyment from running and I’ve now got it back.

I appreciated that you made me feel respected as a runner. I will never be podium material – it’s unlikely I will ever be even a middle-of-the-packer – but I felt you treated me and my program with the same respect you would have given an elite runner. That is gold.

Joanne Sisco
Toronto, Ontario
2:50:59, 2014 Scotiabank Toronto Half-Marathon


From Injured and Barely Able to Run to Personal Best Half-Marathon (age 71)

When we started working together in July, I could barely run due to a knee injury I suffered during a June race. Under your guidance, I recovered from my injury and ran a personal best half-marathon four months later. Thank you.

Mary Jolly
Cornwall, Ontario
2:17:36, 2013 Hamilton Road2Hope Half-Marathon


From Stale and in Pain to Confident and First Place Finish. Role Model to Teen Daughters (50-54 age group)

Three months ago: my runs were blah, my hamstrings and glutes hurt all the time, and I hated hills. Here is where I am today: every run has a purpose, my hamstrings and glutes are stronger and – I cannot believe I am saying this – hill workouts have become one of my favorite workouts. What happened in those three months was so simple: I followed Bennett’s plan and received lots of support and encouragement from him. This past weekend, I placed first in my age group in a 10K (top 18% overall) and my legs felt strong and fresh throughout the race. And dare I say it was fun!!

Training like this doesn’t just build muscle, it builds confidence. The best part of crossing that finish line last weekend was my young teen daughters seeing me do it. It is a good message: we are never too old or too young to run well. I am a fan!!

Julianne Pressman
Bardonia, New York
50:01, 2014 Roosevelt Island 10K


Overcomes Chronic Injury to Run Series of Personal Bests (55-59 age group)

Thank you for helping me run my 30K personal best, an improvement by 14 minutes over last year. I could not have pulled off that time without the training schedule you set up for me, your consistent ongoing support and your confidence in me.

Your advice on how to actively manage my chronic back/glute/hamstring condition that had hobbled me in the past enabled me to complete my training and race my best.

In the past 10 months, I’ve lowered my half-marathon time by 20:58, finally reaching my dream of breaking 2:00! I could not have done it without your program, advice and support

It took me a while to come on board with virtual training but now I have been through the process it is a great way to go for today’s busy schedules. Your coaching program is a worthwhile investment of both money and time.

Joan Willms
Queensville, Ontario
3:11:95, 2012 Around the Bay 30K
1:55:57, 2012 Army Run Half Marathon



If you want to get on the fast-track to remarkable running results – and the self-fulfillment that comes from discovering your true potential – then it’s time to invest in yourself and your pursuit of personal excellence.

Let’s revisit that moment:
As you approach the finish line, arms pumping and legs pounding in sync, your body completely alive as you summon and engage all your physical and mental resources for your final surge. You hear the crowd clapping and cheering; the announcer calling your name. You can see the clock. And you’re elated. You’re going to do it. You’re going to make your goal time! As you cross the finish line, there’s that rush of pure joy…


That moment is exhilarating, 100% self-fulfillment, transcendent … and perfect. That moment is yours.


Does all your training result in faster race times?

Have your training and racing plans been derailed by injury?

Do you want to run faster and free of injury
regardless of age?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you will benefit from a

Complimentary Strategy Session (Consultation) with Bennett


There are a limited number of strategy sessions available.  Apply only if:

  • You are serious about dramatically improving your running and racing.
  • You are ready to start on your new path towards your goals now.
  • You are seriously considering working with a coach so you can achieve the breakthrough you truly desire.


This single consultation will help you:

  • Create a sense of clarity about your running and racing goals.
  • Find out the essential building blocks for realizing your fullest potential as a runner.
  • Discover the #1 obstacle stopping you from reaching your objectives for running and racing.
  • Identify the most powerful actions that will move you towards the running breakthrough you desire.
  • Complete the consultation with the excitement of knowing EXACTLY what to do next to become the runner you truly want to be.


This Strategy Session is NOT for you if:

  • You are not serious about making a significant breakthrough in your running and racing.
  • You are completely satisfied with your current running and racing results.
  • You do not possess a high level of commitment to reaching your running and racing goals.
  • You are a beginning runner (we have lots of free resources on our website to help you improve).


Strategy sessions are conducted by phone.  Priority will be given to those who are thorough and ready to take action now.

Apply for a “Race Your Personal Best” Strategy Session with Bennett.

I look forward to learning about you and your running. Please fill out this form completely. All answers are confidential.


Fill out my online form.
Use Wufoo integrations and get your data to your favorite apps.

Happy Running,

Bennett and Gail

P.S. This is not just about running and racing. It’s about personal excellence. It’s about transforming your life. Your increased confidence, sense of accomplishment and success in running will have a positive ripple effect into other areas of your life. You become an inspiration to family, friends and peers.

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