Finally! Important information specifically for you, the woman runner over 40, so you can …………

Run Injury-Free!


Stop injury from ruining your plans for running and racing.

Don’t let injury rob you of the sheer joy and exhilaration
that you feel when you’re running.


From the desk of Bennett Cohen
July 5, 2016

Dear Friend in Running,

Do any of the following scenarios seem familiar?

  • You dedicate time and energy to complete your training program. You make sacrifices. A few weeks before your goal race, you get injured and have to miss your race.
  • You lose hard-won gains in fitness and race preparedness during a layoff caused by injury. You experience that sinking feeling that you’re starting from zero.
  • During a layoff from running caused by an injury, the joy and exhilaration that you feel when running are replaced by frustration, anger, loss of self-worth and identity.
  • You have recovered from an injury but are now worried about it reoccurring, afraid to give it all you got and run your personal best.
  • Not being able to run due to injury robs you of your primary source of stress relief, your personal oasis.
  • You want to get faster and run to your potential but are concerned about increasing your injury risk.
  • You worry if you will be able to continue experiencing the joy of running as you age.

If any of these sound familiar, I have great news for you!

Bennett Cohen, Women's Running Coach, International Association of Women RunnersI’m Bennett Cohen, President of the International Association of Women Runners and Running Coach to Women over 40. I’ve been an avid runner for 38 years and women’s running coach for 15 years.

I developed my groundbreaking injury prevention system, designed specifically to help women runners over 40 stay injury-free, so they can continue to enjoy running — the activity for which we share such passion.
“Injury-Free Running For Women Over 40” is backed by scientific research. It’s endorsed by world-renowned experts.
I’ve coached hundreds of women runners just like you (and have helped thousands) to achieve their racing goals and stay injury-free.


Does my injury prevention system work? Absolutely!

Only 3% of coaching clients have EVER missed their goal race due to injury

sustained while following my program

An outstanding track record, considering that every year 63% of women runners suffer injury

(And practically all coaching clients have dramatically improved their race times)


At last, Free of Injury and Racing Her Best Half-Marathons (45-49 age group)

For several years, I had been continually plagued by running injuries that severely impeded my training and racing. Thanks to your Personalized Coaching Program, I trained and raced injury-free in 2011 for the first time. Running injury-free was instrumental in my breaking 2:10 for the half-marathon for the first time. I did it twice in six weeks!

Ingrid Wilson
Mississauga, ON
2:08:53, 2011 Scotiabank Waterfront Toronto Half-Marathon
2:09:45, 2011 Hamilton Road2Hope Half-Marathon



You may be wondering

With so much information published about injuries

Why do 63% of women runners get injured every year?


Regrettably, much of this information is really mis-information that perpetuates common myths about injury prevention and treatment.
A few common myths about the prevention and treatment of injuries that contribute to the 63% injury rate:
Myth: Lack of flexibility causes running injuries. Increasing flexibility (through stretching or other means) will help you prevent or recover from injury.
Scientific fact: Research studies conclude that flexibility has little to no effect on injury risk. Also, improving flexibility (most commonly done through stretching) does not reduce injury risk. As early as 1999, research reported in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine concluded that stretching does not reduce the risk of local muscle injury. More recently, several European studies on hamstring injury concluded that lack of hamstring flexibility had little effect on predisposition to injury.The same European studies also showed that increasing running-specific hamstring strength reduced injury risk.

Myth: Orthotics are an effective means of treating and preventing injury

Scientific Fact: As reported in Running Research News, even though orthotics had been already routinely prescribed to runners for over 20 years, long term research studies showed prescribing orthotics to injured runners did not reduce the incidence of injury (compared to those injured runners who treated their injuries with other techniques).

The same article recommended running-specific strengthening exercises as the top way to treat and prevent injury.

I could go on debunking more myths, but I think my point is clear.


“Injury-Free Running for Women Over 40” is based upon:

  • What research shows as being effective means to treat and prevent injuries.
  • My own 38 years of running experience.
  • My transformation from oft-injured runner to a runner who has suffered only one injury in 17 years.
  • My 15 years of experience coaching hundreds (and helping thousands) of women runners stay injury-free, and achieve their goals for running and racing.

I’ve taken all my knowledge of injury prevention and experience, distilled it down to the absolute essentials for “Injury-Free Running for Women Over 40.”

Whether your goal is to run your personal best in a half-marathon, complete a marathon, qualify for Boston, or to simply get faster and fitter, regardless of the number of candles on your birthday cake each year – your plans will not be derailed by injury.

Your increased confidence and sense of accomplishment from attaining your running goals spills over into other areas of your life. You earn the admiration and respect of others, both runner and non-runner. You become an inspiration for family, friends and peers.

You’ll discover why conventional strength training is of little relevance or benefit to helping runners stay free of injury. You’ll learn the Super Seven, the 7 absolute best strengthening exercises to help you stay free of injury. All it takes are two 20 minute sessions per week!

Convenient, economical and easy to learn.

You can perform it in the comfort of your home. No need to spend time travelling to a gym. You can easily incorporate it into your busy schedule.

No need to purchase fancy expensive equipment either.

Injury-free running is not the only benefit of the Super Seven. By strengthening your leg and foot muscles in a running-specific way, you will increase your forward propulsive force of every stride you take, enhance your running economy and efficiency, and reduce wasted sideways motion. All this will help you run faster and further! You’ll be better able to realize your dreams for running and racing.

Averts IT Band Injury and Runs Personal Best (45-49 age group)

Thanks to your coaching and strengthening exercises, I was able to head off a potential ITB injury and achieve a new personal record on a very hilly ZOOMA Cape Cod Half Marathon course.

Michelle Dixon
Canton, Massachusetts
2:29:19, 2012 ZOOMA Cape Cod Half Marathon


Overcomes Chronic Injury to Run Series of Personal Bests (55-59 age group)

Your advice on how to actively manage my chronic back/glute/hamstring condition that had hobbled me in the past enabled me to complete my training and race my personal best 30K last week, an improvement by 14 minutes over last year.

In the past 10 months, I’ve lowered my half-marathon time by 20:58, finally reaching my dream of breaking 2:00. I could not have done it without your program, advice and support

Joan Willms
Queensville, Ontario
3:11:95, 2012 Around the Bay 30K
1:55:57, 2012 Army Run Half Marathon


What do gender and age have to do with injury risk?

As we age, muscle fibers decrease in number and shrink in size. New muscle fibers are generated at a slower rate than in a younger person. This results in a slower buildup and strengthening of muscle in response to the demands of training. A study published in the September/October 2011 “Current Sports Medicine Reports” by the American College of Sports Medicine, confirmed that runners age 40+ are more prone to Achilles, hamstrings and calf injuries than younger runners.

Regrettably, women over 40 face a double whammy when it comes to recovery from training.

Women require more recovery time from training then men. Testosterone promotes protein synthesis which is critical for muscle repair and growth. Therefore, women (in general) require:

  • more recovery time from tough workouts than men
  • more rest and recovery time built in to their training programs

AND women over 40 require more recovery time than their younger counterparts!

Not enough recovery from training prevents your body from repairing itself. Staleness, fatigue, overtraining and injury result. Following a training program that does not take age and gender into account often leads to injury.

“Injury-Free Running for Women Over 40” will show you how to adjust your training to overcome your challenge and decrease your injury risk.


From Overtrained and Sick to First Place in Her Age Group (60+ age group)

I came down with a severe cold as a result of overtraining and contacted you for guidance. You guided me through my recovery, reduced running frequency with scheduled rest/recovery and coached me to a PB in the Peterborough Half Marathon (1:50:43, 1st place, women 60+) and the successful completion of my first Boston Marathon despite the heat and stomach problems.

Sylvia Cashmore
Peterborough, Ontario
1:50:43, 2012 Peterborough Half Marathon



What if you’re injured right now? What if you suffer from chronic injury?

“Injury-Free Running for Women Over 40” looks at 6 common running injuries:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Achilles tendinitis
  • Shin splints
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome (often called runner’s knee)
  • Iliotibial (IT) band pain
  • Hamstring pain


We show you exactly what you need to do to banish each injury and get quickly get you back on the roads, pain-free. It’s your personal 911 direct line for injury treatment!


The Hero in Your Own Life

“Running is a chance for you to become the hero in your own life.”

Kathrine Switzer
Author, Marathon Woman
First woman to officially run the Boston Marathon
Winner, 1974 New York City Marathon
Now Age 65

How does running give you the opportunity to become the hero in your own life?
You challenge yourself in training and racing.
You complete workouts that you did not think you were capable of completing.
You tap hidden inner strength and gain confidence.
You overcome self-doubt and silence your inner critic.
You earn the admiration and respect of others, both runner and non-runner.
You become an inspiration for family, friends and peers.
Your increased confidence and sense of accomplishment from attaining your running goals spills over into other areas of your life.


Injury robs you of this wonderful transformation. By applying what you’ll learn in “Injury-Free Running for Women Over 40”, you’ll safeguard your opportunity to become the hero in your own life.


63% of women runners get injured every year? That’s an awful lot of pain and frustration endured!

When we are not able to run due to injury, we suffer much more than the pain and frustration of not being able to run. It cuts much deeper.

Injury deprives us of important benefits that we often take for granted.

For many of us, running is our major source of stress relief. When we run solo, it’s often the only time during the day we have to ourselves, where nobody is making any demands of us. It’s our haven from stress.

“Injury-Free Running for Women Over 40” will ensure that injury does not rob you of your personal oasis.

When we run with a group, running is often a significant part of our social lives.

When we run, we feel alive. No matter how we feel before we head out for a run, we always feel better after we run.

“Running Injury-Free for Women Over 40” will help you continue to enjoy the physical, mental, psychological and social benefits that running gives us.


By learning how to:

  • Injury proof yourself in just 40 minutes per week
  • Quickly recover from 6 common running injuries

You will be able to dramatically reduce your injury risk. No stopping you from reaching your goals for running and racing that you work so hard to attain.


Does this injury prevention system work? Absolutely!

Only 3% of coaching clients have EVER missed their goal race due to injury

sustained while following my program

an extraordinary track record, considering that every year 63% of women runners suffer injury

(and practically all coaching clients have dramatically improved their race times)


She’s Running Faster Half-Marathons at 56 Than She Ran 13 Years Ago

The thrill of running has returned! Under your guidance I have improved my times considerably. In August I ran a 1:58:53 half marathon in Perth, Western Australia. The last time I had run a 2 hour half was in 1999!!

I backed this up six weeks later with 2:00:30 half on Christmas Island in hot humid conditions on a very challenging course. I never imagined that this would be possible. I am excited to see where the next chapter of training with you can take me. Thank you.

Katrina Bird
Christmas Island, Australia
1:58:53, 2012 Perth Half Marathon
2:00:30, 2012 Christmas Island Half Marathon


Knocks 25 Minutes off Her Marathon Time and Qualifies for Boston (45-49 age group)

Your Personalized Training Plan contributed to me lowering my personal best marathon time by 25:14, qualifying me for Boston. Thank you.

Danielle Fillier
St. John’s, Newfoundland
3:54:33, 2012 Chicago Marathon


Running Personal Bests in Her 60’s. Shaves 33 minutes off Her Marathon Time and Qualifies for Boston. Runs Her First 2:00 Half-Marathon at Age 65

I didn’t think someone my age (turning 65 in Dec 2010) could quickly improve like this. The Customized Training Program that you prepared for me along with your guidance and support helped me knock 33 minutes off my marathon time. I achieved my dream of qualifying for Boston ……….with over 10 minutes to spare! Thanks for your wisdom and BELIEVING in me. Keep up the good work.

In June 2011, I focused on improving my half-marathon times. I signed up again for a Personalized Coaching Program. Once again my faith in your coaching was rewarded. In September, I ran a personal best at the Army Half in Ottawa (2:02:04, 4th in my age group).

Could I run a 2 hour half marathon 6 weeks later? With your further guidance and training, I ran 1:59:48 in Hamilton on Nov 6th (2nd in age group, 7 sec behind 1st), a few weeks shy of my 66th birthday! Bennett, I owe you a big “Thank You”. Your coaching and support helped me prove that it’s never too late to realize a dream or desire.

Daphne Lovegrove
North Bay, Ontario
4:35:39, 2010 Hamilton Road2 Hope Marathon
2:02:04, 2011 Ottawa Army Half Marathon
1:59:48, 2011 Hamilton Road2Hope Half Marathon


Lowers Marathon Time by 22 Minutes, Qualifying for Boston in Her 50’s

The program that you designed for me contributed to me shaving 22 minutes off my marathon time at the Ottawa Marathon, qualifying me for Boston. I thought I’d be too old to improve that much. All your encouragement has made a difference to me as I am sure for many others.

Marianne Black
Ottawa, Ontario
3:51:31 2010 Ottawa Marathon


More Rest and Recovery Yields Age Group Winner in Half-Marathon (40+ age group)

Thank you for your coaching. I have taken your advice of resting a lot more after my long runs. Your advice has been a contributing factor in my consistent good performances in 2010, including finishing first in my age group and third overall in the More Fitness Half-Marathon in New York.

Victoria Fiddick
Sandys, Bermuda
Age group winner, More Fitness Half-Marathon, New York, 2010
Half-Marathon age group winner, Toronto International Marathon, 2008
5K age group winner, Toronto International Marathon, 2009


Finishes Top 10 in Large Marathon …….. Pain-Free! (50-54 age group)

The personalized training program that you designed for me and your ongoing coaching resulted in my improving my marathon time by more than 12 minutes over last year, finishing 8 out of 115 in my age group (50-54) last month. Unlike in previous races, my lower back and legs never felt tired and achy at any point during the marathon. Must have been the result of the lower mileage during the taper phase of training.

Carolyn Veit
Brampton, Ontario
3:50:54, 2012 Arizona Rock n Roll Marathon


Runs Third Fastest Time in Her Age Group (45-49 age group)

Thank you so much for introducing me to this “new” coaching for running a marathon. My journey was challenging and good. It is different not talking to a coach in person, but feel that you do a great job at being understanding and professional by phone and email. Your advice and ongoing support contributed to running the third fastest time in my age group (45-59) at the Niagara Falls International Marathon.

Looking forward to future training with you.

Ann Elford
Owen Sound, Ontario
3:35:03, 2012 Niagara Falls International Marathon


Runs with Confidence, Lowers Half-Marathon Time by 10 Minutes (50-54 age group)

I was surprised and impressed with your ability to pinpoint my limits/thresholds in my training plan. The workouts were challenging yet achievable. I felt extremely confident going into the race. After less than 3 months of becoming a coaching client, I lowered my personal best half-marathon time by over ten minutes to 1:49:18 in Hamilton (November 6th, 2011).

Kim McClure
Toronto, ON
1:49:18, 2011 Hamilton Road2Hope Half Marathon


Think of the money you’ll save in doctor’s bills, physiotherapy expenses, other medical expenses, orthotics (I spent thousands of dollars on orthotics during the my first 20 years as a runner) when minimize your injury risk.

Consider the time, expense and energy that you’ll save not having to visit these different health professionals.

If you are passionate about running, being able to run injury-free is truly priceless.

“Injury-Free Running for Women Over 40” costs just $39.97! (Pricing in USD)

Special offer of $29.97! (Pricing in USD)


To further help you stay free of injury, I’m including THREE FOUR VALUABLE bonuses – 3 reports and a handy reference guide:

  1. “Barefoot Running/Minimalist Shoes Decrease Your Injury Risk – Fact or Myth?” – Cuts through the hype surrounding this current craze and presents the facts so that you can make an informed decision if these shoes are really for you.
  2. “How to Improve Your Sleep” – Learn how to increase the quality and duration of your sleep so that you can better recover from the stress of training and enhance your immune system.
  3. “How to Prevent Stress Fractures” – Few injuries have as much negative impact on a runner’s training program than a stress fracture. The treatment involves stopping running for six to eight weeks (12 – 15 weeks in severe cases) to allow the bone to heal. Learn what easy steps you can take to avert this injury.
  4. Nancy Clark’s “Top Sports Foods” reference guide.  Keep this handy “cheat sheet” in your kitchen to ensure that your fridge and pantry are well-stocked with the variety of foods you need to fuel your training and race your best.

Best of all, you’ll be able to download all this valuable information, the ebook, three bonus reports and handy reference guide, in just minutes and start injury-proofing yourself today. (An ebook reader is not required. Just download the pdf files, print and you’re off to the races).

$29.97 is just a fraction of the cost of a single visit to your “favourite” doctor, physiotherapist, chiropractor or other sportsmedicine practitioner.  And who goes for just one visit?


I’m ready to run injury-free!

Send me my “Injury-Free Running For Women Over 40”
ebook, 3 bonus reports and reference guide.

(An ebook reader is not required. Just download the pdf files, print and you’re off to the races)

Special offer of $29.97 (Pricing in USD)


Try “Injury-Free Running for Women Over 40” for 2 Full Months

With a No-Risk 100% Money back Guarantee


You are completely protected by our iron clad 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with “Injury-Free Running For Women Over 40,” just email us requesting your refund. You will receive a 100% refund — hassle free, no questions asked.

As I was not interested in reading an ebook, I had requested a refund, which I received quickly. Thank you.

Shelly Eaton
Toronto, ON

After helping so many women enjoy injury-free running, I’m completely confident that you’ll be able to avoid being one of the 63% who get injured every year.

I’m ready to run injury-free!

Send me my “Injury-Free Running For Women Over 40”
ebook, 3 bonus reports and reference guide.

(An ebook reader is not required. Just download the pdf files, print and you’re off to the races)

Special offer of $29.97! (Pricing in USD)


Regards and Happy Running
Bennett and Gail
International Association of Women Runners
Running Coach to Women Over 40


P.S. “Injury-Free Running For Woman Over 40” will ensure that you won’t join the 63% of women runners who get injured every year. You’ll be positively transformed by running for many years to come.

P.P.S. You are covered by our no risk guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our ebook, you will receive a full refund. No hassles.


What the experts are saying about “Injury-Free Running for Women Over 40”


“An Essential Resource for Every Woman Runner”

“Injury-Free Running for Women over 40” is an essential resource for every woman runner because we want to run well for as long as possible! Here is clear, concise information how to stay free of injury so you can enjoy the benefits of running and racing for many years.

Kathrine Switzer,
Author, “Marathon Woman”
First woman to officially run the Boston Marathon
Winner, 1974 New York City Marathon
Now age 65


Preeminent sports nutritionist and author “Read it now and You’ll Reduce Your Risk of Getting Injured”

If 63% of women runners get injured every year, you’d better buy this handy little book now so it will be ready and waiting to help you. Better yet, read it now and you’ll learn how to reduce your risk of getting injured!

Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD
Sports Nutrition Services, Boston MA
Author, “Food Guide for Marathoners: Tips for Everyday Champions”


Top Sports Psychologist: “It Will Keep You Running Happily For Years to Come”

As a woman runner over 40 as well as a practicing sport psychologist, I know I’ve got my work cut out for me, whether preventing injury or recovering more effectively. We runners all strive for running efficiency. In the same way, Bennett Cohen offers an efficient way to prevent or recover from running-related injury.

“Injury-Free Running for Women over 40” is filled with very specific, illustrated information on unique exercises that you can use to prevent or recovery from running-related injury. Clearly written, sensible, and easy to read, it will keep you running happily for years to come.

Dr. Kate F. Hays, Ph.D., C.Psych, CC-AASP
Director, The Performing Edge, Toronto
Past-president, American Psychological Association’s
Division of Exercise & Sport Psychology


Recommended by Nationally Recognized Running Coach, Exercise Physiologist and Author

In “Injury-Free Running for Women Over 40”, Bennett Cohen offers a detailed guide for how women can prevent or overcome running-related injuries by addressing running-specific muscle strength. Female runners can definitely benefit from this kind of information, as many of them enter the sport of distance running without a solid foundation of strength. To keep you healthy, Bennett gives you seven strengthening exercises that can save your running life!

Dr. Jason Karp, PhD
Nationally-recognized running coach and exercise physiologist
Author of five books
including “Running for Women” and “Running a Marathon For Dummies”


Endorsed by Leading Sports Medicine Specialist

Bennett Cohen has really hit the nail on the injury prevention head in “Injury-Free Running for Women Over 40.” The major issues that I see in runners who present with injuries are excessive training and strength deficits. The simple exercises that he describes in this easy to understand book address the most common deficits that cause running related injuries. Eliminating strength deficits not only lowers the risk of injury, but improves running form and overall performance. I highly recommend this well written book.

Dr. Cathy Fieseler, MD
Director of Sports Medicine
Trinity Mother Frances Health System; Tyler, TX
Columnist, Running Times Magazine
Past Chairperson, Sports Medicine Committee, Road Runners Club of America

I’m ready to run injury-free!

Send me my “Injury-Free Running For Women Over 40”
ebook, 3 bonus reports and reference guide.

(An ebook reader is not required. Just download the pdf files, print and you’re off to the races)

Special offer of $29.97! (Pricing in USD)


NOTE: “Injury-Free Running for Women Over 40” is a downloadable book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the ebook and all 4  bonuses onto your computer. The ebook, reports and reference guide are in adobe acrobat PDF.


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